Rethinking Procurement in Healthcare

A successful healthcare organisation requires the right balance of talent, equipment, and supplies to meet patient care needs. Yet achieving an optimal balance is often complicated by internal and external factors, such as availability of talent, supply quality and inventory, and shifts in the demand for care. Additionally, the pandemic’s rapid spread surged global demand overnight, well beyond what existing capacity for equipment and supplies could meet. In the early months, manufacturers were overwhelmed with orders, in volumes that far exceeded inventories of materials and components.
To date, healthcare procurement has largely focused on cost reduction through negotiations; however, COVID-19 highlighted the inadequacy of current models and has forced providers to rethink how their supply networks are configured in terms of both building resilience and identifying value chains for critical products such as vaccines and PPE.
For these reasons, GKSD Procure - part of the GKSD Investment Holding Group - was created as an ad-hoc company aimed at addressing the new challenges in the procurement and logistics space. By adopting a balanced mix of supply risk mitigation, we have been able to create a more efficient clinical result combined with drug safety that provides improved care and patient satisfaction.
GKSD ProCure has the know-how, experience and organizational competency that allows its highly experienced professional staff to provide the following services:

  • Process Outsourcing & Local Talent Build-up
  • Source to Contract Management
  • Local & Global Sourcing and Distribution
  • Management Inventory


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