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Gruppo San Donato (GSD) owns an important real-estate portfolio (free-hold model), mostly dedicated to hospital use. Every year GSD undertakes important investments in both the conservation and modernisation of existing assets as well as for new buildings.

GKSD edile is the operating company of the GKSD Group that specialises in the construction and maintenance of hospitals, both for GSD and for third-party projects. The company was set up to optimise the allocation of resources and to develop the unique skills that are required to ensure that buildings fully comply with the high standards demanded of a modern hospital in such areas as hygiene, health and logistics.

GKSD edile is the operating company of GKSD Group developed to continue carrying out the important investments and maintenance works that Gruppo San Donato is regularly asked to execute in order to keep assets well-functioning, updated and in line with the most advanced technology.

A key Project of GKSD edile is the construction of the new Galeazzi Hospital, which is located in the area that used to host the EXPO 2015 in Milan.

The new I.R.C.C.S  Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio Hospital, an avant-garde hospital on the outskirts of Milan that covers over 150’000  square-metres. Thanks to its sixteen-floored 90m high structure it is be one of the largest hospitals in Europe.
The hospital, which will be also accredited with the National Health Service of Italy, will have an operational capacity of circa 600 beds, and a dedicated open space that will allow for future extension up to a maximum of circa 900 beds.

The estimated duration of the project is four years from the laying of the corner stone to the final handing over of the completed structure. The project is in full compliance with the cost estimates, thanks to the careful planning of the works and the constant coordination of the various companies involved in the construction. The opening and commissioning of the new hospital is expected to take place during the first quarter of 2023.

In addition to turning its attention to the Group's structural companies, GKSD edile brings its expertise to the market, particularly with reference to the high Italian construction standards applied on both national and international projects that help to enhance and improve healthcare provision.

Galeazzi Sant'Ambrogio Hospital

GKSD is responsible for the design, construction and operation of the new state-of-the-art Galeazzi Sant'Ambrogio Hospital in Milan. Situated in the EXPO 2015 site, the structure is 90 metres in height. Architecturally and environmentally innovative, it is the hospital of the future and a beacon of technology, research and teaching that will combine GSD’s medical excellence in a surface area of over 150,000mq.


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